How I Went from Vogue to Eckhart Tolle

my experience with learned helplessness

For the first ten years of my life, I remember vividly how much I looked up to my mom. Without my dad around, she was the authority and the only example I had of a parent and functioning adult. She was hard-working, presumably successful and in my eyes; completely together. Her word was gold to me and her selective approval was even sweeter.   Though it became defeating to chase what couldn’t be given and I eventually began to have…

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6 Weeks To Living On Your Terms

what I do to feel positive everyday

And I’m not talking about bullshit premature positivity. I’m not talking about I’m secretly drowning in my personal life only to pretend I’m doing great on social media. I’m talking about real, sustainable, spent years withering in the dark…

6 Weeks To Living On Your Terms

the reality of growth

Regardless of who you follow or whose advice resonates with you, there is one thing about growth that I want to share as it’s something I’ve had to learn over and over again; THERE IS NO FINISH LINE. There…

How I Went from Vogue to Eckhart Tolle


Ever wonder why someone else has it better than you? Ever get down on yourself for not having this or that? Does feeling disadvantaged constantly kill your motivation and desire to build a healthier life? I hear you. Comparison…