the inner work

what you need to know about self-love

I’ll be the first person to admit that I thought the concept of ‘self-love’ was the cheesiest idea. It felt fake, uncomfortable and entirely foreign to me. ‘you have to love yourself!’ ‘love yourself first!’ Which is very easy to say but when you’ve grown up in an environment where there’s no room for slowing down, There’s no room for boundaries or choosing yourself, There’s no suggestion of self-care or rest, … Self-love can become a difficult concept to not…

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the inner work

post trauma paranoia

When your parent(s) treated you like shit and conditioned you to believe the world was a bad place as a way to keep you dependent, … then of course – that’s exactly how you’re going to see the world.…

the inner work

what i’ve learned; summer ’19

The whole experience of going no contact and learning how to create a life for myself has been the most … liberating, exhausting, trying and challenging season of my life.   Not because I’m torn between my decision and…

How I Went from Vogue to Eckhart Tolle

from coping to healing

I used to read Bright Eyes lyrics when I was a teenager. The word choice was education for me. I’d ‘dictionary.com’ what I didn’t understand and tried to memorize everything else.   I’d then watch shows like; The Cosby…

the inner work

managing triggers

I used to be a very reactive person. I would get upset or irritated over pretty much anything and everything. Especially when it came to change. This behavior was exhausting for me and unfortunately would help justify my mom’s…

the inner work


the truth can be so revealing. when I chose to write about this topic, I literally sat with myself and was just wow’d at how far I’ve come. While some of us who experience social anxiety (we may not…