the inner work

7 things to consider when finally becoming independent

I used to have so much shame around this topic. I was really good at articulating that I had my shit together and was able to hide enough so that my massive dependency on others never showed but I really struggled for a long time.   And there’s multiple sides to this but to be clear – I’m going to talk about developing emotional/mental independence as well as physical independence. The first thing that comes to mind is that you…

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the inner work

the grieving process; in my own words

If you’d ask the angriest parts of me years ago about the grieving process I’m going to explain to you – I probably would have told you to fuck off. GRIEVING?? MORE LIKE FUCKING RELIEF. Because in order to…

the inner work

what you need to know about self-love

I’ll be the first person to admit that I thought the concept of ‘self-love’ was the cheesiest idea. It felt fake, uncomfortable and entirely foreign to me. ‘you have to love yourself!’ ‘love yourself first!’ Which is very easy…

the inner work

post trauma paranoia

When your parent(s) treated you like shit and conditioned you to believe the world was a bad place as a way to keep you dependent, … then of course – that’s exactly how you’re going to see the world.…

the inner work

what i’ve learned; summer ’19

The whole experience of going no contact and learning how to create a life for myself has been the most … liberating, exhausting, trying and challenging season of my life.   Not because I’m torn between my decision and…