Anxious to Ease

6-Weeks to Living a Life Fully on Your Terms

Have you convinced yourself you’ll never be happy?

Are you too consumed with the fear of the unknown that wanting a better life AND actually taking steps towards it, scares the hell out of you? Not including the guilt you feel by just talking about it … 

Are you ashamed that at your age, you still feel incredible rage and anger over your childhood even though you privately judge yourself for not ‘getting over it’ years ago? 

Do you struggle with understanding boundaries and how to implement them?

Do you spend your time hyper-analyzing and strategizing your way through life all in hopes of never feeling another ounce of pain? 

Do you wish that you could finally be able to go through a day without allowing that negative self-talk to take over and make you believe all of your efforts are for nothing? That you are worth, nothing? 

Are you afraid that because of everything that has happened with your mother, you’re just so far behind and you’ll never find your place in this world? 

I hear you. The road to narcissistic abuse recovery is very long and lonely .. when traveled alone.

But, … 

What if there was a different way?
A way where you can finally feel empowered, free and energetic without spending months alone feeling anxious and paranoid, wondering whether or not you were actually making progress or if telling the truth and honoring it, is really worth it? 

My name is Amanda — and let me tell you, … I’ve been exactly there. 

I spent 25 years with my narcissistic mother.

And not a season went by that I wasn’t confused, angry, tired and/or felt really alone. 

I constantly looked for a way out but within those efforts, I then battled feeling overwhelmingly guilty, disloyal and ultimately entirely burnt out. 

And while I wouldn’t change my path, … 

I did spend a lot of time and a lot of money to get where I am now.

It wasn’t easy and I got lost a lot, … but I did the work and became what always felt impossible for me.

I now am;

Free. Clear. Healthy. Thriving. Kind. Patient. Energetic.

I loved. I lost. I cried. I stood in the discomfort. I cried more. I resisted. I screamed. I studied. I told the truth. I leaned in. I fell and I got back up. 

So now as I finally stand on my own two feet, my mission is to give back.

My mission is to help you bring it all out.

To help you go deep and unpack everything. 

To interrupt the confusing repeating realities, 

To help you separate what has happened in your life from who you really are,

To stand up with you and question those consistent limiting beliefs. 

To create a program that entirely understands and supports you so you hopefully don’t have to spend as much time and money as I did to finally get some traction. 

Now here we are.
Now is the time. Your life is waiting for you. Just like mine was waiting for me.

And if you’re feeling hesitant, I want you to ask yourself, 

What do I gain by staying stuck?

What it’s worth to you to be able to navigate tough situations in a smoother way, totally bypassing that downward spiral that would occurs every time you are triggered? 
What it’s worth to you to save money and get real guidance from someone whose actually been through your exact situation?
What would it mean for your health to finally feel understood and fully seen?
What would it mean for the next generations in your family to disrupt the toxic patterns and start healing in a way that could prevent future suffering?

Because I’ve know you’ve done your research. 

I know you may have your favorite Facebook Groups or online forums where you can share and relate to different childhood/teenage horror stories or even present day frustrations, …

And while it can feel so good to connect, you may be wondering, why all of that effort isn’t enough? 

I’m here to tell you, the reason is that awareness is not transformation.

And while I applaud your hustle and ambition in getting down into it and figuring out the ins and outs of why your mother was/is wrong, — and trust me, I did that too ..

We need to start implementing what we are learning. No more excuses. No more distractions.

And that’s what this program is about. 

Awareness. Knowledge. Growth. Action. Support. Accountability. Transformation. 

I’m switching the script.

I’m tired of talking about narcissism. 

I’m tired of the fear based literature about how the rest of the world is just as bad. 

I’m tired of every article I find or every forum I’ve been too — is about ‘them.’

And why they do this, and how do you mange that and what do you say when this happens?

With compassion, I get it but with complete honesty, — we need to start focusing on ourselves. 

Less about their experience and more about the devastating effects of growing up in that environment. 

Because as you know, everything was and is affected; 

Your mind, your body, your thoughts, your opinions, your relationships, your friendships, your siblings, your career, your routines — and that’s just a start.

We need real support from those who can understand, who don’t follow up with, ‘But that’s your mom!’ every time you want to vent or explain something. 

We need people who have been through it and got out to the other side, successfully. People who can share their stories and offer guidance and feedback. 

Introducing,  … me. Your new recovery bestie. 

I created a program that I wish was available to me when I was tangled up, angry at the world and in a lot of pain.

I narrowed down specifically what has and has not worked for me and condensed the good stuff into a virtual 1:1 6 week program to guide you officially and thoroughly out of your toxic patterns and relationships. 

Are you ready to finally live a life without always requiring approval or validation?
Are you ready to stop hesitating before every decision? 

Are you ready to space out those internal demons and take ownership of your life?

Are you ready to change your relationship patterns with men/women, money and your body?
Are you ready to start confidently asking for what you want, guilt – free?
Are you ready to start taking care of yourself from the inside out? 
Are you ready to start seeing your accomplishments as what they are but also allowing yourself to rest when you are tired? 


I’m ready to stand with you.

It’s finally time to surrender to this exhausting fight. 

You can do it slow, like I did — and do it on your own,

or you can let me be your guide. 

My approach is simple;


I know that you have all the answers within you and I’m just a “temporary guide” to help you get closer to who you really are and for you to start trusting your intuition.  

Your reality will be different after this experience.

We are going to dive in. 

We are going to be open, be curious and have fun while we do it. 

I am here to testify that the journey can in fact feel like the destination. 

Get ready to say good bye to;
Believing that being flawed means you should have to stay and take more punishment.
Excessive people pleasing, excessive tolerance.
For always apologizing, especially when you’re upset.
Isolating yourself because no one wants to talk about it.
All of that internalized criticism and self- hate.
Saying yes when you really mean no.
Feeling entirely responsible for your everyone else’s happiness &
Ignoring your intuition when you know something is wrong because you’re afraid of upsetting someone or that someone leaving you. 

Get ready to step up girl, you’re going to have to face the child in you who is fucking terrified.

But that pain is only a gift if you do the emotional and mental work to transform it into into power.
And most excitedly, you’re going to meet the real you and you’re going to LOVE her.

I’ll show you how. We’ll do it together.

You were chosen for this experience.

But you have to do the work.

This is not a quick fix. 

You have to be willing to see things from a different perspective. 
You have to face the parts of yourself that are wounded and afraid,
The parts that are hiding and tired.

Throughout the 6- sixty minute virtual deep dive sessions I am going to;

  • Assess what’s currently going on with you to understand what your overall situation is.
  • Identify what methods you’ve implemented that are working and not working and then create a plan that’s just right for you. 
  • Help you develop and master your emotional tool kit to finally build your ideal life so you can now enjoy all the work you’ve put in. 
  • Guide you in organizing your thoughts and feelings to start building sustainable self-confidence and consistent clarity.
  • Provide you with real and genuine support and share my honest feedback on how I believe you can start making moves for you. 
  • Be your recovery wing woman; listening, encouraging and strategizing with you through every step.


The never ending question of, – ‘Okay I get it, but what do I do?‘ is finally answered?

You stopped believing that with every good day comes 3 bad ones?

What if for every mistake you made, you were gentle and kind with yourself? 

You stopped self sabotaging every opportunity to level up in your life because you finally felt worth it? 

Your anxiety and paranoia finally took a step back and you could enjoy being around people again?


If you’re ready to say yes to a life of ease and inner peace .. then let’s get started. 

Let’s stop this generational pattern of abuse. 


6 weeks – 1 Payment of $999



F A Q S:

How is the program delivered?

After your purchase, you will be sent a welcome email including;

A reoccurring link to our once a week video chat &
An email address that you will have unlimited access too so I can be there for you the entire span of the program.

Why chose a program if I can just do it on my own?
While I love the ambition in moving through the recovery by yourself, I can confidently say there is no substitute for genuine guided support.

I would not be where I am at now without my initial financial investment into myself.

What if I currently can’t afford long term help — what can I do? 
Join my FREE FB Group for a community of like minded women who are overcoming similar battles.


I also offer a package of one 90 Min session with a 30 min follow up for only $99. 
Please schedule your session HERE.  

Do you offer a payment plan?
Let’s hop on the phone and talk about it! Schedule your free consultation HERE — OR please refer to previous question for a more affordable coaching option! 

Is there a refund option? 

No — there is no refund option available for this program.


6 weeks – 1 Payment of $999