self-care & wellness

I don’t think I can emphasize enough how much self-love in a general sense matters in creating a healthy life.

I also know that self-care looks different on everyone.

You may love to get your nails done.

Maybe you have a weekly phone call with your BFF.

You may love to read a magazine and have a coffee every morning.

Maybe you take a bath every Sunday night or go to a pilates class every other day.

Or maybe the whole concept is new to you and a little intimidating.

Wherever you are at, I can tell you that after what felt like a lifetime of waking up and feeling irritated, anxious or depressed about what I had to face each day. . it was within my active development of self-care activities that helped me stay on track through my recovery.

I know you get it. I’m sure you’re similar to me in that you’ve spent a majority of your years giving yourself away to everyone else.

I, too, missed opportunities to take care of myself all the time.

I spent more time closely monitoring other people’s reactions to what I said or did.

I also spent too much time at work and always, always set aside all of my desires, concerns and time to handle other people’s emergencies. As long as everyone else’s needs were met, I was okay.

The unlearning of all of those behaviors wasn’t easy but what I learned from that time was that I always have to be moving forward. In every sense of the word.

I have to stay really honest with myself and my relationships and make sure I feel good in all that I’m choosing. And I work really hard on all that.

So, if you’re struggling with self-care, like I was, and need a little inspo or guidance to get started, you can find my current favorite self-love ideas below!

click here to access – don’t forget to let me know how they work out!


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