the inner work

managing triggers

I used to be a very reactive person. I would get upset or irritated over pretty much anything and everything. Especially when it came to change. This behavior was exhausting for me and unfortunately would help justify my mom’s…

the inner work

managing social anxiety

the truth can be so revealing. when I chose to write about this topic, I literally sat with myself and was just wow’d at how far I’ve come. While some of us who experience social anxiety (we may not…

the inner work

what I do to feel positive everyday

And I’m not talking about bullshit premature positivity. I’m not talking about I’m secretly drowning in my personal life only to pretend I’m doing great on social media. I’m talking about real, sustainable, spent years withering in the dark…

the inner work

5 things to remember when managing guilt

How heavy and exhausting is the guilt? A guilt that was given to you. A guilt that feels so wrong but that you can’t shake off. Including;  Feeling responsible for someone else’s behavior. Feeling in charge of someone else’s…

the inner work

the reality of growth

Regardless of who you follow or whose advice resonates with you, there is one thing about growth that I want to share as it’s something I’ve had to learn over and over again; THERE IS NO FINISH LINE. There…