Choosing Clarity

As a young girl, I always looked forward to reading. Yes, I read my fair share of Us Weekly and People Magazine, .. but diving into actual books remained a huge part of my personality.

I was that type of girl who would read the whole book on the way home from purchasing it.

I remember as a teenager, I would buy Bright Eyes albums and spend hours online reading the lyrics, trying to understand what was being said.

Even now, I think what helped accelerate my maturity and what helps me maintain my success, is my obsession with research.

When you grow up achingly co-dependent and reliant on your person(s) for all the answers, you lose your identity and suffocate your power. I have found that it is in the knowledge you acquire that you can develop the strength to confidently live the life you actually want.

With that, I want to encourage you to get educated. Sometimes it will be really easy and fun to understand and sometimes it will feel so mind-blowing . .that your mind will want to work it’s ass off to convince you to step out of your truth. Don’t. Keep going.

Also, please feel free to do more research and find authors that resonate with you (and let me know if they’re good so I can expand!) but below I listed all of the books I’ve read the past 5 years, in the order that I read them. Links attached, enjoy xo

A NEW EARTH – Eckhart Tolle
THE POWER OF NOW – Eckhart Tolle
STITCHES – Anne Lamott
PRESENCE – Amy Cuddy
YEAR OF YES – Shonda Rhimes
ATTACHED – Amir Levine and Rachel Helle
THE ROUGH PATCH – Daphne de Marneffe

future books that I am looking forward to;

Life beyond measure; letters to my great granddaughter – sidney poitier

white rage – carol anderson

cringeworthy – melissa dahl

skin cleanse – adina grigore

profit first – mike michalowicz

on the other side of freedom – deray mckesson 

super woman rx – tasneem bhatia md

the magic of thinking big – david j. schwartz

radical forgiveness – colin tipping

emergency contact – mary hk choi

ill tell you in person – chloe caldwell

emotional agility – susan david

dodging energy vampires – christiane northrup

judgement detox – gabby bernstein

influencer – brittany hennessy

to all the boys I’ve loved before – jenny han

how to be a person in the world – heather havrilesky

what if this were enough? – heather havrilesky

disaster preparedness – heather havrilesky

shift your mind – steve chandler

will i ever be good enough? –  dr. karyl mcbride 

the big leap – gay hendricks

it didn’t start with you – mark wolynn