the inner work

the reality of growth

Regardless of who you follow or whose advice resonates with you, there is one thing about growth that I want to share as it’s something I’ve had to learn over and over again;


There is no end game.

Once you choose this life, growth is constant.

Growth is continuous.

Every new level you elevate to, there is more to uncover.

New levels, new devils – right?

I don’t intend to discourage you — I say this because I want to make it very clear to you that there won’t be one day that you have it all together.

There won’t be one day, after you’ve read all of the books and all of the articles, where you’ll have reached your peak and all the hard shit will be over.

Even in my present glory and massive healing success, I don’t want to present this dream that ‘once you do this or that, the pain will be gone!’

That’s a false statement and anyone who is saying that to you apparently knows something I don’t.

What’s real, at least for me, is that growth is FUCKING HARD.

Choosing to grow, choosing to look at the hard shit, choosing to have the tough conversations, choosing to stand up for yourself, choosing to honor your boundaries no matter what, choosing to do what you’ve never seen done before. .. is really hard.

It’s exhausting.

It’s very itchy for a very long time.

Almost so uncomfortable that you want to crawl out of your body.

You’ll get to the point where you almost want to quit.

You’ll be so angry you’re even in this position. (IF ONLY I HAD DECENT FUCKING PARENTS!!)

You’ll probably run into a lot of people who don’t get it or who will want to take you down.

You’ll wonder what it’s like to be ordinary …

What is it like to be ‘normal’ where not everyday consists of you needing to cheerlead yourself through it.

But right when you’re ready to give it all up (most likely years after your start date and plenty of times in-between),.. the dead skin starts falling off.

Little by little.

Inch by inch, that previous shell and identity you were so attached to, .. starts coming undone.

You’ll be able to truly breathe.

You will be able to move, think and and see in ways that will feel so foreign to you.

You’ll begin to feel so freely without fear because your new emotional boundaries will help you to make sure you’re only taking on what’s yours. #codependencywho?

You’ll be able to care so deeply but you’ll always remember that you can’t save anyone and just hope to inspire others to choose the path less followed, also.

You’ll have less tolerance for the shit that doesn’t matter.

You’ll be able to see what’s real and what isn’t.

You’ll be able to finally honor your intuition and make choices that feel really good to you.

You’ll be coming awake to a world that you never knew existed.

The best part?

The hustle won’t seem so hard anymore.

You’ll get to say good bye to the trenches and you’ll eagerly sign on the dotted line to stay committed to this life of truth and growth.

Though, you’ll figure out that in order to take care of you, you’re going to need to continue to step up to your life. Over and over.

You’ll realize that the work is not over, .. there will always be more limiting beliefs to shatter.

You’ll have to use what you’ve learned.

You’ll have to take the skills you’ve acquired and start implementing, … each and every day.

Some days will feel completely effortless, while some will challenge the fuck out of you.

That is the reality of growth.

What choosing to heal actually feels like and why you might be doing a lot better than you think you are.

Regardless of where you are on this journey, make the time toenjoy what you’ve built.

Be proud of your hustle.

Because, before you know it, life will be asking more of you.

But this time, you’ll be excited about it.

Because you’ll realize being ordinary is not for you.

It never was.

And this entire experience has been chosen for you and every fucking step of the way has been there for you to learn what you needed to learn.

You’ll now realize that every day is an opportunity to be grateful.

You’ll know what it took to get where you are, .. and you won’t need that end goal anymore.

You’ll know that you have everything you need that day, the following and the next and the next.

And it will feel so good.   


We can take ownership of our lives and become fascinated by our human experience and continue to strive and elevate our emotional and spiritual intelligences.


we can continue to wait for that ‘day’ to come for us to get our shit together and hope that the pain will eventually fade away.

Either way, the choice is entirely up to you.

What will you choose?

leave a comment and let me know what you decide and then don’t forget to schedule your free narcissistic abuse recovery audit HERE — and we can talk about what steps you can take to move through your own discomfort and into a life full of much more ease and enjoyment.


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