How I Went from Vogue to Eckhart Tolle

my one tip for shifting your mindset in less than a minute

I used to spend most of my time (unconsciously) in a state of pure irritation.

Everything bothered me.

Everything felt like a huge task.

Everything felt like work.

My life was constant chaos, drama and if it wasn’t one thing, it was most certainly the next. 

And it drained my energy.

To then think like that, drained it even more.

Anything out of my chosen routine, I was not interested in.

I was stuck, rigid and had incredibly low patience.

I was like this with everything.

But as my behaviors and thought patterns become more conscious, …

I started to feel and see how quickly I made everything into a negative.

It was my comfort zone but I didn’t want to stay comfortable any longer.

So, I went looking for how I could see shit differently.

Apprehensively and after a ton of trial and error, — I found something that works for me.


the quality of being thankful.

BUT before you roll your eyes (trust me I did too) – please hear me out for a minute.

Because I know it sounds simple and maybe a little too spiritual for you, —

.. but when was the last thing you felt grateful for your ability to overcome the challenges?

Try it.

Every time you’re frustrated, irritated or claim you are too tired or not in the mood.. try coming from a place of gratitude.

Too tired to work out?

The shift = I am grateful for the opportunity. I am grateful that I am able to get up and work out.

Don’t want to get up for work?

The shift = I am grateful for the opportunity to pay my bills. To provide food and shelter for myself and/or my family.

Don’t want to make a list for the grocery store?

The shift = I am grateful for the opportunity. I am grateful I have the money to buy groceries.

Don’t want to have that hard conversation?

The shift = I am grateful for the opportunity. I am grateful for the chance to connect even more to the person opposite of the conversation.

Heartbroken over a previous relationship?

The shift = I am grateful for the opportunity. I am grateful to have loved and been loved like that. I look forward to what it has and will continue to teach me.

*This can be applied for anything.

And what I’ve noticed is that the second I start feeling stand-offish or irritated about something going on or something ‘I have to do,’ ..

I check myself and move into gratitude.

And it doesn’t solve every issue but the energy shift expands me.

I start feeling lighter.

more energetic.

And ultimately, entirely grateful.

And there isn’t anything that can keep me down when I am in that space.

#MINDSETGOALS, am I right?


Try it out and let me know how it works for you.


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